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The PX Range of wastewater pumps embodies intelligent design, practical features and is extremely user friendly: a major criteria with end users. Minimizing “Life Cycle Cost” through high hydraulic and motor efficiencies, interchangeability of major components, improved serviceability and reduced downtime results in a cost effective PX PUMP installation.


All electric motors are rated EFF 1,  have Class H insulation, three thermal overload switches (one per phase) and are internally wound to combat high temperature loads.

These motors fully comply with the latest manufacturing and environmental standards and can be furnished with FM Division 1, Group 1, Class C & D approval.
Ecoflu Cooling System

The Ecoflu cooling system ensures optimum cooling of motors across a wide range of operating conditions including dry pit, inverter duty and low level wet wells where conditions conductive to overheating are likely to occur. A controlled temperature environment will extend the ‘Working Life Cycle” of supporting components such as bearings, oil seals, o-rings, mechanical seals and ultimately that of the pump itself.

The Ecoflu system is driven by an impeller located in the mechanical seal unit which circulates a clean water/glycol coolant through passages in the external motor cooling jacket surrounding the motor. The coolant absorbs the motor generated heat and dissipates it either to the liquid being pumped or to atmosphere for dry-pit applications. Being a closed system and not utilizing the liquid being pumped, the Ecoflu cooling system remains free of any blockage or silting - a common problem in conventional jacketed pumps.
All PXPUMPS from 4.43 to 34.9 horsepower are offered as standard with the Ecoflu cooling system. On larger pumps the system is offered as an option.
Mechanical Seal

Double mechanical seals supplied in a user friendly cartridge facilitate easy on-site replacement with no special tools. Seal faces are selected for best resistance to abrasion and heat. Offered as standard: Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide on the impeller side and Carbon/Silicon Carbide on the motor side.
Channel type impeller PXPUMPS are fitted with an axially adjustable wear ring which can be field adjusted when wear affects pump efficiency. Conventional pumps utilize a radial wear ring which cannot be adjusted and must be replaced when wear occurs.

Adjustment of the Minimizer is accomplished by relocking three adjustment screws once clearance has been set..

Another unique feature of the Minimizer is a set of cutting vanes in the design of the ring which prevents fibrous material building up between the wear ring and the impeller.
Fast Lock System

Quick release stainless steel latch bolts allow easy removal of the motor and impeller from the pump.

In dry pit applications the volute remains in the piping greatly reducing maintenance downtime.

PXPUMPS offers a wide range of single vane, multi-vane and vortex impellers in ductile iron or in optional stainless steel. All impellers are non-clog design and may be trimmed at no additional cost to match specific application requirements. All impeller types can be fitted in the same volute allowing end-users to tailor their pumps to changing duties.
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